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Computer Engineering Seminar

December 29, 2017
We’ve closed 2017 with another talk, or let’s proparly call it – a seminar. As part of the senior year Computer Engineering seminar series, we’ve given a 2 hour presentation about multiple things: WordPress and WooCommerce (for obvious reasons šŸ™‚ ) Evolution of Weptile (to

Talk, talk, talk…

December 15, 2017
This past Wednesday, December 13th, we gave a talk at the “3+1” event here at theĀ TeknoparkIzmir. The organization is a set of talks by 3 entrepreneurs and 1 scientist to talk about their story and their projects. First half of our talk was about WordPress and WooCommerce, trying to

Time to Brag: TiestaTea – now on the Inc. 5000

August 16, 2017
Our beloved partnerĀ TiestaTea is now an Inc 5000 company! They made it to the listĀ (as #759) with this year’s growth. Way to go Tiesta! Keep on LIVING LOOSE! We can’t really take any credit from their gigantic success of 599% growth. But still, we should be allowed to brag about their

Summer & Birthdays

October 7, 2016
Here in Izmir, we have relatively nice weather all along the year compared to many. No harsh colds in the winter and simply a hotĀ summerĀ šŸ™‚ We Ā do our best to enjoy our weekends best as we can with all the beaches and vacation locations nearby. So that’s how most of the summer passed by.

We’re Now a Band of 5 Superheroes

August 22, 2016
Past 9 months passedĀ so fastĀ for us with the usual flow of client projects, newĀ WordPress plugins, new partnership forĀ premiumĀ theme development andĀ further plans aboutĀ the future. We couldn’t manage it if we weren’t a team that works so well together and really loves each other

5 Best WordPress Redirection Plugins

August 19, 2016
One of the most annoying and unprofessional things for any user to experience when visiting your site is the dreaded ā€œ404 Errorā€. While 404 errors can be manually coded into your site, it can be cumbersome and very technical for most users to get right. We have reviewed the 5 Best WordPress 404
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