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By Ufuk Erdogmus 6 years ago
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This past Wednesday, December 13th, we gave a talk at the “3+1” event here at theĀ TeknoparkIzmir. The organization is a set of talks by 3 entrepreneurs and 1 scientist to talk about their story and their projects.

First half of our talk was about WordPress and WooCommerce, trying to inform people about how great they are šŸ˜€ And the second half was about Weptile’s evolution. From freelancing days to current team and future projects.

It was nice to have this opportunity and we thank TeknoparkIzmir for the organization. Yet this event was just a beginning of a series of talks it seems. At the end of December, we’ll be have a seminar in the Computer Engineering department here in the IzTech University. Another talk, a much bigger one to a bigger and more related audience perhaps – the Computer Engineering senior students. Our goal will be to tell them about the great community of WordPress, again the evolution of Weptile and pro’s and con’s of each step we went through for the ones that are planning to become entrepreneurs themselves.

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