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By Ufuk Erdogmus 5 years ago
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One of the most annoying and unprofessional things for any user to experience when visiting your site is the dreaded “404 Error”. While 404 errors can be manually coded into your site, it can be cumbersome and very technical for most users to get right.

We have reviewed the 5 Best WordPress 404 / Redirection Plugins. Go through the list and install the one that most suits your needs.

WordPress Ultimate Redirect / 404 plugin

WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin
Wordpress UltimateRedirect Plugin, is without a doubt the best redirect and 404 plugin available, because it has the most number of features and more complex redirect algorithms working within. This plugin does everything you may need, including auto-redirects, manual redirect rules and whatever you need to have no 404 errors. Not only is it great for everyday site maintenance, The WordPress Ultimate Redirect plugin is perfect for when you need to migrate your site or change domains without any user downtime.

While the other plugins on this list do similar things, none of them comes close to the ease and simplicity of this plugin. It does everything you may need, all at once and from one admin dashboard. Plus the auto-redirect is working by default, no setup necessary. Just enable the plugin and that’s it.

Features include:
• AUTOMATED-redirect to the nearest match!(no more surprize 404’s)
• Easy X.M.L import or export for redirect rules list(mass add or edit redirects)
• Manual redirect rules, with all standard-redirect options
• Redirect per source or devices
• Redirect by the user logged in or not
• Redirect Logs
• Easy to use follow follow and comprehensive settings screen

DOWNLOAD WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin Here



SEO Redirection Pro
SEO redirection pro is designed to help you control all site redirects. This plugin is simple to use and provides a history of all redirects made and features an advanced control panel to manage all the plugin settings.
Plugin Features

• You can redirect folders using different rules for any content and sub-folders.
• Wild card redirection can also be used.
• Logs 404 Error pages, which lets you fix them by using 301 redirects.
• Advanced control panel to manage all plugin functions.
• Friendly and easy to use tabbed GUI.



Device Redirect – WordPress Phone &Tablet Redirect
Device Redirect is another plugin that will detect the device you are using and then redirect the visitors to a specifically optimised page. Using advanced filters, you are able to target the redirects based on a user’s browser, brand of device and operating system. Device Redirect works well on the homepage, post, page, and even with custom post types in WordPress.
Possible Device Redirect settings:
• Sitewide – Select parameters like device, device brand, browser, and device operating system. Device Redirect will redirect every page to a URL of your choosing.
• Global – The global redirect settings will activate a general set of rules if you have not set specific redirect rules to a page or post. You can also ensure that users get redirected according to screen and screen type i.e. homepage, single, single post, singe page, or a custom single post type.
• Local – This option allows you to redirect your users according to a desired post, page, or custom post.



RedirectPlus – WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin
RedirectPlus is a well-designed WordPress plugin that is able to detect if a visitor is using a mobile device. If a mobile device is detected, the plugin will redirect the user to a dedicated mobile site. The plugin will give you a count of how many devices it has redirected and you can specifically exclude tablets by disabling a checkbox. If you want, you can customise the redirect settings based on the platform of the mobile device (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone).
• All mobile and tablet devices can be redirected to a specially optimized URL.
• You can redirect specific pages, or the whole site if you choose.
• Tablet redirection can be disabled.
• Different URL’s can be specified for iPad’s or other tablets
• Different URL can be specified according to the mobile platform: iPhone, Android or Windows Phone
• With a custom link – you can allow viewers to “view full website”



5sec Proper 404
5sec Proper 404 is exactly what the name describes. It’s a quick and easy 404 page creator. The developers of 5sec Proper 404 say that you can, with a few simple clicks, create an easy to use and custom 404 page on your WordPress site.
• No more need to hardcode your 404 page in php
• Now you can easily select any page to act as the 404 page
• With 5 pre-created shortcodes you can easily create more useful and relevant 404 pages. Shortcodes are: recent’ , popular’ , similar posts’ , search form’ and Google search widget’
• With a detailed 404 log, you can quickly and easily eliminate broken links and backlinks.

Our favorite, and the one we would recommend is the WordPress UltimateRedirect Plugin. It has the most functionality and is the easiest to setup and use.
Download the best WordPress redirect plugin now and your users will never experience a surprise 404 again.

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  • Eric says:

    One that is missing from your list is http://www.ultimate-wordpress-mobile-redirect.com/

    It allows you to set a unique redirect URL for every page and post on your website. Works on mobile and tablets.

    I suggest you check it out and add it to the list for your readers 🙂

    • Ufuk Erdogmus says:

      Hi Eric, thank you for the addition. We noticed a few other mobile redirect plugins as well but we didn’t want to include them in our list as they only target mobile/tablet redirects. Whereas, the 5 we’re listed can ALSO be used for mobile redirects, and does more. So we wanted to keep our list short with the plugins that provide most options.

  • Kristov says:

    Hi Ufuk, can we suggest another also? 404 To Homepage (is free):


    Thanks for consideration. Also, this has no settings page, so can be very fast by PHP Opcache etc……

    • Ufuk Erdogmus says:

      Thank you Kristov, it’s a straightforward and simple plugin as it seems 🙂 Some people would prefer 404s to redirect to homepage I guess. I’d still prefer the auto-redirect feature in the above mentioned plugins but good to have plugin options out there 🙂