We’re Now a Band of 5 Superheroes

By Ufuk Erdogmus 8 years ago
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Past 9 months passed so fast for us with the usual flow of client projects, new WordPress plugins, new partnership for premium theme development and further plans about the future. We couldn’t manage it if we weren’t a team that works so well together and really loves each other personally. Perhaps this synergy in our team is our super-power.

Growing to become a team of 5 was within our plans for 2016 all along. However it’s getting harder and harder each time we grow. Our standards in talent and personality are increasing with each new member of the team. After all, it’s not easy to find a superhero… but we still managed to find one. Welcome Gizem – our new superhero since July!

(super-power: hand walking)

supersemih superzeynep superesat superufuk

(special thanks to WPEngine for our superhero costumes)

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