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By Ufuk Erdogmus 5 years ago
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Have you ever heard of WooCommerce? It is an amazing platform that offers you a unique opportunity to market any of your products through E-commerce. In the recent past, WooCommerce has emerged as one of the most sorted E-commerce platform with the capability of powering more than 30% of the entire online stores. This is in relation to about 13,378,271 downloads that has so far been made. This indeed offers you clear indication that WooCommerce is a company that you can rely upon and place your trust in it.

As a store owner, you are given absolute power to sell to your customer anything from anywhere, beautifully. For web developers, WooCommerce allows you to create an amazing online store that will perfectly meet your clients’ needs. The platform offered is easy to adapt and extend besides allowing you to make it an open-sourced one.

Another great component you will discover from WooCommerce is its ability to give a perfect integration with WordPress. This enables it to adopt different WordPress extensions (both for premium and free options), a feature that has made it more powerful compared to other sites.

What are some of the features that you will discover from the WooCommerce? Here is a list of them:

1. Full control of the store

You will discover that with WooCommerce, every decision lies upon. For instance, you can apply different designs to your store, switch different settings, manage your stocks, check on your tax statements and even monitor your customer’s accounts. This is actually different from what you can obtain if you own a hosted eCommerce platform. WooCommerce gives you a unique chance to use your platform the way you want. Interestingly, any information that you provide is protected thus boosting security of your operations.

2. Amazing preferences on shipping

WooCommerce gives you exclusive options when it comes to shipping your products. You can actually ship whichever destination you prefer. For instance, it provides you with the option of shipping at flat rate free shipping and even in performing real-time calculations. You can also choose specific countries where you want to ship your goods. Besides, the presence of drop shipping in WooCommerce will always ensure that you can properly keep track of your goods.

3. Selling on online stores

Have you ever thought of possessing an online platform that you can sell absolutely anything? WooCommerce is the absolute choice for you! Apparently, you can sell not only physical goods but also digital (intangible) goods. There are no variation in terms of size, shape and even configurations. It is also a good platform for affiliate marketing. Besides, you can apply membership, subscriptions and bookings if you adopt the premium feature.

4. Different options of payment

Convenience is a critical factor when it comes to dealing with customers WooCommerce comes along with amazing payment options that are user friendly; they include acceptance of PayPal, credit cards, cash on delivery and even bank transfers. These payments extend to over 140-region getaways. For instance, the Amazon Payments, Stripe among others.

5. Great extensions

The three major features (open-sourced, adaptable and extendable) adopted by developers makes WooCommerce easy to use and implement. Besides, this platform gives developers an opportunity to apply different modifications in developing a store so as to meet customers’ demands. Other extensions (adopted from WordPress) that you can integrate into WooCommerce include Affiliate Integration light, Packing Slips and Invoices (PDF format), Delivery Notes, New Product Badges and Google analytics.

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