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By Ufuk Erdogmus 9 years ago
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As our purpose of existince, we aim to help improve the internet one project at a time. In accordance with this ideal, we plan to redesign our own website every 2 years. Our last website was launched in 2013, thus we planned our 2015 website for January 2015. Thanks to our client projects, premium plugin development projects (another blog post to follow on these) and relocating to our office (yet another blog post on it’s way), we had to delay the official launch of “Weptile 2015” website month by month up until June. Well, here you go 🙂

If you’ve checked our website before, you’ll notice the big change in overall design and functionality. Apart from what you can see, we’ve also improved the backend drastically and this affects the load speed as well.

Another big change is our new logo! We’ve updated our logo with a slight retouch and color rearrangements to match a more modern color palette.

As a final addition, we have planned to actively blog from now on! Seriously… Our plan is to post an article ~once a week~ about WordPress, web, technology, news from us and other cool stuff. So keep an eye on us, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter or our RSS feed for new posts.

That’s all for now. We hope you liked our new logo and website. Please feel free to comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts about them.

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