All The Things You Can Do With WordPress

By Ufuk Erdogmus 5 years ago
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The most often question that people ask about WordPress is what exactly can you do with it. If you’re also asking yourself this same question, then you should read this article. The reason for that is that we listed all the great things about this powerful platform and simply explained why should you use it.

A mistake that most people make is that they say that WordPress is used only for blogging. That is completely incorrect, I mean at the beginning, WordPress was intended to be a platform just for blogging. But as the time passed by, WordPress continued to improve and became one of the most used content management systems in the world. I mean, you can still use it to make a simple blog, but you can also use it to build something much more complicated things, such as mobile friendly websites etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s see some of the interesting things you can use WordPress for.

Amazon Shop

If you’re running a website that you use to sell stuff online, you’ll find this very useful. You can actually combine WordPress and WooComerce to make your own Amazon shop. You can even add Amazon as your supplier so don’t have to worry about your stock at all. The things you will need in order for this to work is Amazon Shop plugin and affiliate account.


The fact that you can use WordPress as a forum might not be that shocking, but surprisingly, lots of people don’t know that. A team of developers that is working at EngineThemes somehow made possible for us to transform WordPress into a forum. Actually, it’s not a huge transformation, it’s more of a slight modification of WordPress’s post and comments, wrapped up in a great design.


Even though no theme can make your website too look completely as YouTube, there is a theme called Video Pro that can make it as similar as it can get. When you see what possibilities this theme offers, the design won’t be as important as it was to you before. For example, on YouTube, we can upload videos whenever we want, that’s the feature that most of the websites don’t offer. That’s why with this theme, the visitors of the can put a link on our website, so we can upload it later.


This is another great example of just how versatile WordPress is. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, that’s simply a website where you can post and answer questions. And with the QAEngine theme, you will be able to do that on your website too. The concept is pretty straight-forward, when someone posts a question, you can mark it, upvote or downvote answers and select the best answer.


If you need to transform your website into several different websites, you can do that with WordPress also. That means that your website can contain a large number of different sections. Great thing is that all of the sections can be styled differently so that everyone can notice a difference. Another great and useful feature is that you can make someone a Super Administrator, which means that he will be able to control every section on the website.

Apart from all these mentioned above, you can also setup blogs, business websites, e-commerce stores, real estate websites, classifieds sites, portfolio sites, community sites, dating sites, rental sites… The list goes on. Basically, working with the right wordpress experts or a professional wordpress developer team, you can get almost anything and everything with WordPress.

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