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WordPress Development

7+ years of experience, 5 published plugins, tens of custom plugins & themes, many support posts and videos. When it comes to WordPress, we can provide everything your project may need.


With our vast experience over numerous e-commerce projects on WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and others, we can provide you the best solution for your online business.

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Following state-of-the-art technologies & best practices with 7+ years of experience, we provide modern web design and development services. We deliver what your project requires, and more.


As a certified Google Partner, we create and manage SEO, SEM (Adwords) & SMM (Facebook / Twitter) campaigns of all sizes. We can create the campaign tailored specifically for your project.


Having the know-how, vision and experience from hundreds of projects, all kinds of businesses, over 10 different countries, we can lead your project to success.

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As a global WordPress expert web development studio, our clients and work are all around the world. About 50% of our clients are in USA, followed by UK, Canada, Ireland and others.

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Our expertise and experience in WordPress allows us to pick the best solutions for our projects. Here are some of our favorite tools.

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Summer & Birthdays

October 7, 2016
Here in Izmir, we have relatively nice weather all along the year compared to many. No harsh colds in the winter and simply a hot summer 🙂 We  do our best to enjoy our weekends best as we can with all the beaches and vacation locations nearby. So that’s how most of the summer passed by. And come September, we celebrated Gizem’s birthday with a surprise on her desk: By pure luck and coincidence (a long story here), she came to the office with her father and sister that day, which ended up with an even better surprise for her 🙂 And by the end of September we planned a possible good bye party to the hot weather plus yet another birthday party, this time for Esat. Plus it was an excuse for a BBQ 🙂 Now that the “winter is coming”, we’re back at work full speed, non-stop, without any foreseeable break until spring. You all know where to find us 😉  

We’re Now a Band of 5 Superheroes

August 22, 2016
Past 9 months passed so fast for us with the usual flow of client projects, new WordPress plugins, new partnership for premium theme development and further plans about the future. We couldn’t manage it if we weren’t a team that works so well together and really loves each other personally. Perhaps this synergy in our team is our super-power. Growing to become a team of 5 was within our plans for 2016 all along. However it’s getting harder and harder each time we grow. Our standards in talent and personality are increasing with each new member of the team. After all, it’s not easy to find a superhero… but we still managed to find one. Welcome Gizem – our new superhero since July! Gizem (super-power: hand walking) (special thanks to WPEngine for our superhero costumes)

5 Best WordPress Redirection Plugins

August 19, 2016
One of the most annoying and unprofessional things for any user to experience when visiting your site is the dreaded “404 Error”. While 404 errors can be manually coded into your site, it can be cumbersome and very technical for most users to get right. We have reviewed the 5 Best WordPress 404 / Redirection Plugins. Go through the list and install the one that most suits your needs. WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin Wordpress UltimateRedirect Plugin, is without doubt the best redirect and 404 plugin available! (we might be a little sensitive as we built this plugin.) 🙂 This plugin does it all including redirects and 404 errors. Not only is it great for everyday site maintenance, The WordPress UltimateRedirect Plugin is perfect for when you need to migrate your site or change domains without any user downtime. While the other plugins on this list do similar things, none of them comes close to the ease and simplicity of this plugin. It does everything you may need, all at once and from one admin dashboard. Features include: • AUTOMATED-redirect to the nearest match!(no more surprize 404’s) • Easy X.M.L import or export for redirect rules list(mass add or edit redirects) • Manual redirect rules, with all standard-redirect options • Redirect per source or devices • Redirect by the user logged in or not • Redirect Logs • Easy to use follow follow and comprehensive settings screen DOWNLOAD WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin Here   SEO Redirection Pro SEO redirection pro is designed to help you control all site redirects. This plugin is simple to use and provides a history of all redirects made and features an advanced control panel to manage all the plugin settings. Plugin Features • You can redirect folders using different rules for any content and sub-folders. • Wild card redirection can also be used. • Logs 404 Error pages, which lets you fix them by using 301 redirects. • Advanced control panel to manage all plugin functions. • Friendly and easy to use tabbed GUI.   Device Redirect – WordPress Phone &Tablet Redirect Device Redirect is another plugin that will detect the device you are using and then redirect the visitors to a specifically optimised page. Using advanced filters, you are able to target the redirects based on a user’s browser, brand of device and operating system. Device Redirect works well on the homepage, post, page, and even with custom post types in WordPress. Possible Device Redirect settings: • Sitewide – Select parameters like device, device brand, browser, and device operating system. Device Redirect will redirect every page to a URL of your choosing. • Global – The global redirect settings will activate a general set of rules if you have not set specific redirect rules to a page or post. You can also ensure that users get redirected according to screen and screen type i.e. homepage, single, single post, singe page, or a custom single post type. • Local – This option allows you to redirect your

WooCommerce; Sell Everything, Anywhere, Beautifully

March 22, 2016
Have you ever heard of WooCommerce? It is an amazing platform that offers you a unique opportunity to market any of your products through E-commerce. In the recent past, WooCommerce has emerged as one of the most sorted E-commerce platform with the capability of powering more than 30% of the entire online stores. This is in relation to about 13,378,271 downloads that has so far been made. This indeed offers you clear indication that WooCommerce is a company that you can rely upon and place your trust in it. As a store owner, you are given absolute power to sell to your customer anything from anywhere, beautifully. For web developers, WooCommerce allows you to create an amazing online store that will perfectly meet your clients’ needs. The platform offered is easy to adapt and extend besides allowing you to make it an open-sourced one. Another great component you will discover from WooCommerce is its ability to give a perfect integration with WordPress. This enables it to adopt different WordPress extensions (both for premium and free options), a feature that has made it more powerful compared to other sites. What are some of the features that you will discover from the WooCommerce? Here is a list of them: 1. Full control of the store You will discover that with WooCommerce, every decision lies upon. For instance, you can apply different designs to your store, switch different settings, manage your stocks, check on your tax statements and even monitor your customer’s accounts. This is actually different from what you can obtain if you own a hosted eCommerce platform. WooCommerce gives you a unique chance to use your platform the way you want. Interestingly, any information that you provide is protected thus boosting security of your operations. 2. Amazing preferences on shipping WooCommerce gives you exclusive options when it comes to shipping your products. You can actually ship whichever destination you prefer. For instance, it provides you with the option of shipping at flat rate free shipping and even in performing real-time calculations. You can also choose specific countries where you want to ship your goods. Besides, the presence of drop shipping in WooCommerce will always ensure that you can properly keep track of your goods. 3. Selling on online stores Have you ever thought of possessing an online platform that you can sell absolutely anything? WooCommerce is the absolute choice for you! Apparently, you can sell not only physical goods but also digital (intangible) goods. There are no variation in terms of size, shape and even configurations. It is also a good platform for affiliate marketing. Besides, you can apply membership, subscriptions and bookings if you adopt the premium feature. 4. Different options of payment Convenience is a critical factor when it comes to dealing with customers WooCommerce comes along with amazing payment options that are user friendly; they include acceptance of PayPal, credit cards, cash on delivery and even bank transfers. These payments extend to over 140-region getaways. For instance, the Amazon

All The Things You Can Do With WordPress

March 15, 2016
The most often question that people ask about WordPress is what exactly can you do with it. If you’re also asking yourself this same question, then you should read this article. The reason for that is that we listed all the great things about this powerful platform and simply explained why should you use it. A mistake that most people make is that they say that WordPress is used only for blogging. That is completely incorrect, I mean at the beginning, WordPress was intended to be a platform just for blogging. But as the time passed by, WordPress continued to improve and became one of the most used content management systems in the world. I mean, you can still use it to make a simple blog, but you can also use it to build something much more complicated things, such as mobile friendly websites etc. So, without any further ado, let’s see some of the interesting things you can use WordPress for. Amazon Shop If you’re running a website that you use to sell stuff online, you’ll find this very useful. You can actually combine WordPress and WooComerce to make your own Amazon shop. You can even add Amazon as your supplier so don’t have to worry about your stock at all. The things you will need in order for this to work is Amazon Shop plugin and affiliate account. Forum The fact that you can use WordPress as a forum might not be that shocking, but surprisingly, lots of people don’t know that. A team of developers that is working at EngineThemes somehow made possible for us to transform WordPress into a forum. Actually, it’s not a huge transformation, it’s more of a slight modification of WordPress’s post and comments, wrapped up in a great design. Youtube Even though no theme can make your website too look completely as YouTube, there is a theme called Video Pro that can make it as similar as it can get. When you see what possibilities this theme offers, the design won’t be as important as it was to you before. For example, on YouTube, we can upload videos whenever we want, that’s the feature that most of the websites don’t offer. That’s why with this theme, the visitors of the can put a link on our website, so we can upload it later. Quora This is another great example of just how versatile WordPress is. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, that’s simply a website where you can post and answer questions. And with the QAEngine theme, you will be able to do that on your website too. The concept is pretty straight-forward, when someone posts a question, you can mark it, upvote or downvote answers and select the best answer. Multisite If you need to transform your website into several different websites, you can do that with WordPress also. That means that your website can contain a large number of different sections. Great thing is that all of the sections can be