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WordPress Development

7+ years of experience, 5 published plugins, tens of custom plugins & themes, many support posts and videos. When it comes to WordPress, we can provide everything your project may need.


With our vast experience over numerous e-commerce projects on WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify and others, we can provide you the best solution for your online business.

Web Design & Development

Following state-of-the-art technologies & best practices with 7+ years of experience, we provide modern web design and development services. We deliver what your project requires, and more.


As a certified Google Partner, we create and manage SEO, SEM (Adwords) & SMM (Facebook / Twitter) campaigns of all sizes. We can create the campaign tailored specifically for your project.


Having the know-how, vision and experience from hundreds of projects, all kinds of businesses, over 10 different countries, we can lead your project to success.

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As a global WordPress expert web development studio, our clients and work are all around the world. About 50% of our clients are in USA, followed by UK, Canada, Ireland and others.

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Our expertise and experience in WordPress allows us to pick the best solutions for our projects. Here are some of our favorite tools.

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News and updates about us, the web, technology, WordPress, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

WordPress: How to get display all images from a page/post

June 25, 2015
In a recent custom WordPress development project, we needed a small function to get all the images within posts/pages. Not only uploaded and attached images but also the ones coming from external URL’s as well. Below is the function to grab the images and the shortcode to print the images within the given post or page. To use it, copy paste the below shortcode in your theme’s functions.php and place the shortcode in your page/post content. /* Shortcode to print images in a given page */ /*Example shortcode: [weptile-post-images id=90] */ add_shortcode('weptile-post-images','get_images_by_post_id'); /* function to get the images within a given post/page */ function get_images_by_post_id($atts) { if(isset($atts['id'])): $pid = $atts['id']; else: echo 'ID not specified'; endif; $post = get_post( $pid ); $content = $post->post_content; $regex = '/src="([^"]*)"/'; preg_match_all( $regex, $content, $matches ); foreach($matches as $image): echo '<img src="'.$image.'" alt="'.$post->post_title.'" title="'.$post->post_title.'">'; endforeach; }  

Weptile 2015 Website Live!

June 18, 2015
As our purpose of existince, we aim to help improve the internet one project at a time. In accordance with this ideal, we plan to redesign our own website every 2 years. Our last website was launched in 2013, thus we planned our 2015 website for January 2015. Thanks to our client projects, premium plugin development projects (another blog post to follow on these) and relocating to our office (yet another blog post on it’s way), we had to delay the official launch of “Weptile 2015″ website month by month up until June. Well, here you go If you’ve checked our website before, you’ll notice the big change in overall design and functionality. Apart from what you can see, we’ve also improved the backend drastically and this affects the load speed as well. Another big change is our new logo! We’ve updated our logo with a slight retouch and color rearrangements to match a more modern color palette. As a final addition, we have planned to actively blog from now on! Seriously… Our plan is to post an article ~once a week~ about WordPress, web, technology, news from us and other cool stuff. So keep an eye on us, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter or our RSS feed for new posts. That’s all for now. We hope you liked our new logo and website. Please feel free to comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts about them.

s2Member Plugin 10% Discount Coupon Code

September 27, 2013
If you’re using WordPress and know about membership sites, you must have heard about s2Member plugin. And if you are new to WordPress or just started looking for a membership solution on WordPress, it’s one of the most popular membership plugins out there, and it deserves to be so. Anyways, here’s a discount coupon code you can use on all your purchases on s2Member plugin site: SAVE10-A:2404 *Here’s a quick link for single-site licence **And this is a link for Unlimited-site licence This discount coupon is valid forever. So enjoy, and send us a message if you would like to thank us or need our WordPress services!  

WordPress 3.6.1 security update

September 12, 2013
There’s a new update for WordPress: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/09/wordpress-3-6-1/ You’ll see that this minor update contains major security and maintenance fixes. So you better update your WordPress sites as soon as possible! P.S. As a general rule, you should always try to keep your WordPress and plugins updated as much as possible.

1 big reason NOT to have fake Testimonials, Reviews or Portfolio

August 4, 2013
If you are working online (developer, designer, etc.), no matter if you are a lone freelancer or a small specialized team like we are, the biggest mistake you can make is to try to look different in any way than what you really are. (Wow, that was a long sentence…) Long story short, it’s wrong in many levels for example: To pretend as if you are a big company when you are just a small team To pretend as if you have an in-house designer if you are just a freelance developer To use a fake portfolio To post made up testimonials on your website … and the list goes on. Basically, you just have to look like, exactly like what you are and however you are. This is in fact the only way to guarantee that you will match up with the ideal clients for you, and your ideal clients will find you. But sadly there are tons of fake portfolios out there for fake “groups” made up of only 1 person. Normally we wouldn’t care about what others do. But I felt the need to mention this so we could get some bragging time! Here’s an e-mail we just received from a potential new client. The best example we could have to why you should not make up  fake reviews on your website: [blockquote width=”90%”] Hi Ufuk, Thanks for answering all my questions!  You’re great and I really appreciate you being straightforward with me.  I reached out to few of the companies you have featured on your site and they all have great things to say about your work! [/blockquote] This is what happens when the reviews are real, with real names and with actual comments. *Bragging time over* If you have fake reviews, you will get “busted” sooner or later. So if you think you are good, there’s no need to fake anything. Just do your best and the rest will happen itself. As one of my favorite Turkish proverbs say: “Akan su yolunu bulur” (“Flowing water will find it’s own path”) P.S. I think I’ve lost some of it in translation 😛